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Szent István Strandfürdő

Szent István Baths are located in the heart of Esztergom, along the Kis-Duna promenade and can be considered one of the most popular baths in the town. In its simplicity, it holds opportunities that we find nowhere else together.

The olympic basin

Its Olympic-size swimming pool, completed in 1927, is suitable for swimming competitions and water polo matches. The small 20-meters long covered swimming pool, considered to be the first indoor swimming pool in Hungary, is home to swimming courses, and the vast majority of the locals learned to swim here. The Esztergom Triathlon Club holds its trainings in this bath’s Olympic swimming pool and they constantly take care of the education of the youth. Swimming workouts are held here on a daily basis, but free-time swimmers also turn up here regularly.  Phyisiotherapeutic swimming is also held in this old baths, which greatly contributes to the correction of scoliosis and plays a significant role in maintaining the health of children who are prone to developing musculoskeletal problems.

The hystorical changing cabins

Above the hystorical changing cabins there is a long promenade that can be used for sunbathing, but it most important advantage is that it offers a rare and extremely good view upon the Olympic pool. Swimming coaches take advantage of this.

The 50 m long and 25 m wide Olympic swimming pool has been designed with a gradually deepening lane next to the 8 swimming lanes, which is an ideal place for swimming lessons. Guests who cannot swim at all and just want to enjoy the healing effects of the bathing water can also have a good time here.


The water of Szent István Strandfürdő is not one of the recognized medicinal waters of Hungary, although efforts are made to obtain this recognition. The locals know that it has many properties with a clear healing effect:

1. To this day, the pools are filled with spring water from St. Thomas Hill and changed regularly (twice a week), so few chemicals are needed to keep the pool water clean. In contrast, modern pool technology is based on the rotation and filtration of the same water.
2. The chemical composition of the water has been shown to have a healing effect on people with neurasthenia, pallor, anemia, incipient stomach problems, and relieves female complaints and neurological disorders.
3. A temperate thermal water source feeds the bath. This water used to reach 29 ° C. Later, in the 1960s, the intensive coal mining practiced around Dorog caused the water temperature to drop by 23 ° C. Now that mining has stopped, the temperature of the bath’s spring water reaches 27 ° C. From 28 ° C onwards, it can already be officially classified as a thermal water.


Thanks to an inflatable tent structure used since 2000, the Olympic pool can also be used in winter, allowing swimmers to continue training all year round.

In winter, the spa’s sauna helps you warm up after a swim.

Fast food restaurant

In the immediate vicinity of the lido there is a fast food restaurant called Strandbüfé, with view on the pools. The buffet with the garden under the platanus trees is a great place to relax on a warm summer day. In summer evenings, musicians are also often invited and guests who come in for just a small drink are also welcome.

You can find accurate information about the opening hours and entrance fees of the Szent István Strandfürdő on the website:

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