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The Esztergom Cathedral

Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption and Saint Adalbert

The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption and Saint Adalbert, more commonly known as the Esztergom Basilica, is the largest church in Central Europe, which includes numerous tourist attractions, it also serves as a parish church and regularly hosts important pastoral masses celebrated by the cardinal.


The Esztergom Basilica that can be considered the number one tourist attraction of Esztergom and its surroundings, includes the following attractions:

  • Cathedral Treasury,
  • Crypt,
  • Bakócz Chapel,
  • church,
  • Dome Lookout,
  • Panorama Hall
  • Belfry.


Built between 1822 and 1869 in a pure classicist style, the dimensions of the church are impressive:

  • from the Crypt to the top of the cross 100 m high,
  • the walls of the Church are 17 m thick.

Its great advantage is that it is built on a 60-meter-high hill, the Esztergom Castle Hill, and thanks to that it can be seen on the horizon from a 30 km distance. It shows its most beautiful face to those who admire it from a boat, the Mária Valéria bridge or the Slovak shore of the Danube. From this point of view the Esztergom Castle is also well to be seen. The ensemble of the Basilica and the Royal Castle shows a beautiful landscape for those who climb up to Saint Thomas Hill.


In 2019, large-scale renovation works began on the Basilica, which may take a few years. During these works the cathedral might partially be restrected for visitors, but the majority of its touristic attractions will always be accessible.


As an event venue, it regularly hosts various concerts, among which the organ concerts are remarkable, as the Basilica of Esztergom houses one of the largest organs in the country, the sound of which provides an unparalleled experience for lovers of classical music.


On Saturday afternoons, weddings follow one another in the church. There are very few weddings, during which visitors are not allowed in. Tourist access is restricted only during the Mass. If you are planning a visit with a group, you should definitely check out the planned Mass on the Basilica website. There are extraordinary occasions when a mass can last a very long time. Such long masses are priest ordinations or confirmation masses, which are usually held on Saturdays. These masses celebrated by the cardinal can last from 10:30 to 13:00.


Visits to the church and the Bakócz Chapel inside it are free for those who come for a little individual prayer. Other attractions are admission-required. Groups arriving with a tour guide are also required to pay a tour guide “speaking right” when visiting the church. The Basilica will release the guide’s “speaking right” for groups who buy the Treasury ticket. Detailed information on the admission and the opening hours can be found on the Basilica’s website.

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